A great gimmick is the key to success for every wrestler. Let’s talk about the 7 worst and stupidest gimmicks in WWE right now.

There was a time, where wrestler with a extraordinary gimmick have been pretty successful. The Undertaker, Kane and Mankind are the first who come to my mind. But there have been a lot more which didn’t succeed. I should say that this is just my view and i’m sure not everyone is with me. Leave a comment and tell us your look at this topic.

Honorable mentions:

-> Curt Hawkins – His “face the facts”-gimmick will never make him more than a jobber.

-> Tony Nese – “The premier athlete” is a talented worker but his gimmick has been used way to many times. He could play a major role, at least on 205 Live.

-> Tamina – I don’t actually know if this is her gimmick or if this is real but her enforcer attitude will never get her anywhere.

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