As many of you are aware now, it seems like the WWE is cutting shows on their own Network but why? This has lead to thousands of wrestling fans quite upset with the sudden change and it seems like more cuts are on the way.

On the weekend it was announced on social media that the popular show Talking Smack, Which airs straight after Smackdown on the network has been cancelled. To the surprise of many the show will indeed still air but only after a Smackdown Network special. The host Renee Young and her co host Daniel Bryan unfortunately found out via social media when fans asked them about it. This caused quite the controversy considering Renee was at WWE HQ at the time.

When things weren’t bad enough for Renee, she was informed her show Unfiltered With Renee Young would also be cancelled.  Many within the company feel these are the signs of bad things to come as WWE continues to try and cut costs and reduce their budget as of late.

For the past few weeks WWE have been working on a 24 special for Dolph Ziggler in what some are saying the Redemption story. The plan was to try and push the star to the main event scene for Smackdown but as of right now all of these plans have been scrapped. The filming for the special has been put on hold and it looks like it won’t be airing anytime soon.

It makes you wonder what else will be hitting the cutting room floor when it comes to the Network considering Talking Smack continuously made top 10 shows viewed on the Network each week. 205 Live however only sometimes scratches the top 20 shows viewed but that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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