Its been exactly 10 years since the Chris Benoit tragedy, Chris Jericho is set to discuss the incident with the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer on this Friday’s Talk Is Jericho podcast.

Y2J made the announcement earlier today, along with news that Wednesday’s show will focus on his own childhood:-

Jericho has used his podcast to talk about the tragedy on several occasions. The first in-depth discussion came during Chavo Guerrero’s appearance on the show’s 11th episode, and the most recent came in June 2016, when Sandra Toffoloni – sister of the late Nancy Benoit – featured on Talk Is Jericho.

A stark, sobering interview, it cleared up much of the misleading information surrounding the incident, and covered new ground on everything from the day Sandra first met Benoit to the capricious deterioration of his marriage. As wrestling’s most renowned journalist, Meltzer has never been shy of speaking on the subject either, so Friday’s show shouldn’t be short of depth.

The tragedy’s 10-year anniversary passed on June 24th, making this a timely discussion. It still casts a shadow and a huge dark cloud over wrestling, and while WWE have understandably distanced themselves from it, it continues to influence the way they do business today.

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