A WWE Tag Team which belongs to the Smackdown roster may be breaking up very soon. It is possible that it breaks up this Sunday at Smackdown’s Battleground pay-per-view.

The team is “The Hype Bros” consisting of former United States Champion Zack Ryder and the 2017 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner, Mojo Rawley. It won’t be a surprise as WWE has been breaking up most tag teams lately.

WWE teased a breakup between the 2 in the Independence Day Battle Royal at Smackdown a few weeks ago, when Mojo eliminated Zack. Ryder was also shown being upset over his elimination by Mojo Rawley last week on Smackdown in a backstage segment with Breezango.

It is likely that Breezango will face The Hype Bros in an impromptu match this Sunday at the Battleground pay-per-view. There is no kickoff match decided yet for the show so this is very much possible. Zack Ryder is rumored to betray Mojo Rawley during or after the match as a revenge for his elimination in the battle royal.