WWE Superstars have been involved in many a different accidents over the years. Some crashes were odd, some crashes were funny, and some crashes were fatal. Macho Man Randy Savage tragically lost his life when he had a heart attack and crashed his car in 2011, and the wife of Jim Ross tragically lost her life earlier this year in a motorcycle accident.  Thankfully, though, this latest crash was not fatal and everyone involved did not suffer any serious injury. This newest one just came out of nowhere (RKO), and has everyone scratching their heads as to why.


According to ABC7 Eyewitness News, Former WWE Superstar and current WWE Smackdown Live General Manager Shane McMahon was involved in a helicopter crash earlier today in Gilgo Beach.


The helicopter that Shane was riding in took off from Westchester County Airport, and had to make an emergency landing in the waters of Gilgo beach around 10:30 AM Wednesday morning. A commercial flight heading to Kennedy Airport received the distress call, and reported it to the FAA radio facility. Both Shane and the pilot were wearing life jackets and were uninjured when picked up by emergency responders, NYPD Aviation, and SCUBA units.


The helicopter used during the crash was a Robinson R 44 helicopter. The helicopter is registered to “Awesome Flights LLC” of White Plains.


Here comes the money, indeed! Hopefully when the helicopter came crashing down, it didn’t hurt inside. Luckily, neither Shane nor the pilot were injured. This could have been way more serious than it actually was. Shane shouldn’t have to miss any TV time with the WWE for this, as he was uninjured. Hopefully, though, someone makes a funny comment about it next week on Smackdown Live.


What are your thoughts on this? Why did Shane’s helicopter crash? Let us know!

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