This week on Raw, in a segment that was hyped up for weeks, it as revealed that the secret Kurt Angle was hiding this whole time was that one half of American Alpha , Jason Jordan,  was his son . Reasoning behind this was that Angle had an affair with an unnamed woman while in college and on their last date she became pregnant,  which apparently he was unaware of . Now, it seems like theyre ganna go full on with it .

According to a report , WWE is considering having Jordan come out to a different version of Angle’s famous theme. This would really mean that they are gonna try their best to make it over and long term.  This comes after the recent report that officials backstage see Jordan as a future top star and will use this storyline to start a big midcard run potentially winning the Intercontinental title . As also mentioned before , his now former tag partner Gable will also be getting a midcard push , not the size of Jordan’s though. This Monday,  we should be able to know if the rumors are true and how quick will it happen .

In my opinion , this would have to be done very well, or it will come out as cheesy. I don’t think the should completely change Jordan to how Angle is because that usually doesn’t work in these storylines that have to be full on kayfabe to pass , but that’s just me .

Let us know what you think on this and the storyline in general .

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