Guys like Brock Lesnar will be gone soon, but who will take the open spots?

Sure, the guys in NXT are always ready to take that spots. But sometimes, fans want some guys they already know. It just gives that “special feeling” if someone returns.
Now let us talk ten guys, who could return to WWE. This is no official ranking, it is just my opinion. If you disagree, i’m ready to discuss with you in the comments.

10. Shelton Benjamin

He started in WWE 15 years ago as part of “Team Angle” alongside Charlie Haas. Some reports say he already signed a new contract to compete on Smackdown. If it’s true, he could have great matches over there against guys like AJ Styles and Kevin Owens for the United States title. If Chad Gable isn’t successful on his own, he could tag with Benjamin to build a new Version of “The Worlds Greatest Tag Team”.

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