This week on Raw, we saw the Hardy’s lose to The Revival one week after Jeff Hardy’s “Fade away and classify ourselves as Obsolete” promo that was a giant hint on the Broken gimmick coming to WWE. Some fans wonder if there’s any news, and we can provide that in this moment!


On July 14thSports Illustrated published a detailed report about the dispute between Impact Wrestling and Matt Hardy. In that report, the two parties almost came to an agreement which would’ve resulted with the Hardy’s paying between $10,000 and $15,000 for the rights to use the Broken gimmick in the WWE, a non-disparagement clause where they cannot talk negatively about Impact Wrestling (Resulting in fines of $1,000-$5,000 if they did so) and a press release to make the agreement public, all of which the Hardy’s were fine with.


But the deal fell through because Anthem wanted 50 percent of the revenue the Hardy’s earn, which isn’t limited to what they earn from WWE either as that would include Jeff’s art and music, which the Hardy’s saw as a cash-grab.


Jeff Jarrett, CCO of Anthem Sports & Entertainment, is planning to drag the legal battle out to put The Hardy’s off from pursuing/winning the case and maybe even using the gimmick. WWE, however, isn’t involved in the legal proceedings in any way.


The Hardys do have some momentum in the lawsuit, as Anthem never paid for the filming of the “Broken” segments at the Hardy compound, nor for Total Nonstop Deletion, which was a full episode of Impact taped in the garden house next to the Hardy compound. The wife of Matt, Reby, revealed that there weren’t any child labor agreements signed, nor that her father (Who played Señor Benjamin) was ever paid.


What do you guys think? Should Jeff and Matt pursue the case to regain the rights to the Broken gimmick or revert to their old Team Extreme gimmick? Sound off in the comments down below.

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