Former WWE Raw GM Eric Bischoff seems ready to take legal action against TNA star “Broken” Matt Hardy. This comes after Hardy, in character, made comments about Bischoff and Hulk Hogan in a recently released trailer for DVD “Reflections”.  In the trailer, Hardy says the following about Bischoff and Hogan’s time in TNA:

“When Brother Nero Hogan and Brother Nero Bischoff, all they did was rape, pillage and plunder TNA. They almost broke Impact Wrestling down forever.”

RF has since taken down the video, which has seemingly lead to Matt Hardy’s wife Reby Sky posting the following on Twitter:

“Controversy creates ca– wait. Strike that. Only when it’s u, right ? This whiny lil bitch @EBischoff out here threatening to sue Matt LMAO. Lame AF when people spend their existence dishing it, but can’t take it. Hop on over & sue me next, buddy.”

It is unknown at this time what Bischoff intends to sue Matt for, or if he even is. The threat Sky is referring to could have been just that- a threat. Now that the video has been taken down, hopefully both parties can reach a truce before it needs to go any further. “Broken” Matt Hardy is currently one of the most popular wrestlers in all of wrestling, never mind just TNA, so this controversy surely won’t halt his momentum. The more pressing issue at the moment is undoubtedly the future of TNA and whether Hardy’s match at the Bound for Glory PPV will go ahead as scheduled. Hardy is to team with Brother Nero and fight for the TNA tag titles versus the champions Decay.

So, what do you think of Matt Hardy’s comments? Do you agree that Hogan and Bischoff “raped, pillaged and plundered” TNA? Does Eric Bischoff have a good reason to sue, or is he overacting?

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