For a few weeks now, Finn Balor has been feuding with Elias Samson. This is Samson’s first real feud since his arrival on the main roster, and what a guy to be feuding against, a former NXT & Universal Champion.

This past Monday Night on Raw, the rivalry heated up to new levels, with Samson smashing Balor over his head with his guitar. It’s a bit crazy for WWE to pull this, especially to a guy who missed a few weeks with a concussion a few weeks back, but that’s their decision.

The guitar smash did some major damage to Balor’s head, leaving him with a severe gash to go home with.

A few hours ago on Instagram, Finn Balor sent a message to Samson by posting a video of him smashing a guitar over the head of one of his old rivals in NJPW. Balor captioned the video “Check check.. One, Two, Finn’s coming for you! #guitar

One can only imagine that Balor was sending Samson a threat via the internet.

It’s being rumoured that Balor will face either Samson or Bray Wyatt at this year’s SummerSlam event.

Here is a link to the wild threat:


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