After the implosion of The Shield, Dean Ambrose sought revenge against Seth Rollins for his betrayal. Over three years later, The Lunatic Fringe still hasn’t forgotten or forgiven The Kingslayer for his actions, but the two men have found themselves seeking The Miz and the Intercontinental Championship on Raw. There is a lot of speculation regarding where WWE officials are headed with the new Ambrose and Rollins storyline.

Next week on Raw, Ambrose and Rollins will team together in a two on three handicap match against The Miz, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel. It will be the first time both men are on the same team in quite some time. The fans are curious why WWE officials have brought Ambrose and Rollins back together on Raw, but it seems very likely that the powers that be have a specific plan in mind for the two WWE Superstars to reunite for a time.

Despite all the hints and rumors, WWE officials are not planning for The Shield to reunite anytime soon on WWE television. However, Ambrose and Rollins are working out their tension and could have a run as a tag team on Raw for awhile. Raw’s Tag Team Division could use another strong babyface team, but the powers that be would eventually use their alliance to rekindle their rivalry again with a different kind of heel turn.

Seth Rollins Gave Dean Ambrose The Chance For Revenge
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There is some speculation that this storyline will lead to a massive heel turn for Dean Ambrose. He has been a babyface since The Shield was disbanded, but the WWE Universe has been anxiously waiting for Ambrose to turn heel because he has a ton of potential to succeed as a heel. There is a general feeling that his run as a babyface has become stale, but the turn could provide Ambrose the boost he needs to reach the next level.

Dean Ambrose Could Be Turning Heel Soon
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Ambrose vs. Rollins would also be a fresh rivalry again if the former turned heel. Seth Rollins has done a lot of good work as a babyface since the feud with HHH began. However, the WWE Universe would be excited to see The Lunatic Fringe betray Rollins after the fans believed the two had buried the hatchet. It would be a challenging turn to make, but it’d give Dean Ambrose new life after performing nearly four years as a face.

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