Which NXT call up from last year has had the most successful year? The first Universal Champion? The first NXT tag team to win main roster tag titles? Perhaps the first Miss Money in the Bank? There were some great years in the last 12 months, let’s take a look!

7. Mojo Rawley 

He doesn’t get hyped, HE STAYS HYPED! While not a fan of Mojo Rawley, he did win the Andrew the Giant Battle Royal with some help from THE GRONK! He suffered a set back when The Hype Bros won the tag team battle royal to earn number one contendership, but Long Island Iced Z hurt is knee and in the process put that on hold. After losing a match against The Uso’s upon Ryder’s return, it appears the end may be near for the Hype Bros, but what is next for Mojo? It looks like there could be a heel turn in the works for one of the members of the Hype Bros. Mojo has had some high quality wins over the last year. Although if this is the end of the dynamic tag team, how far can he go without Ryder in his corner


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