Talking Smack, the show which used  to air weekly after Smackdown on WWE Network was cancelled as a weekly show last week by WWE. The show will now air only after Smackdown Exclusive pay-per-views.

There are many reasons behind the this decision. One of the reasons is said to be cost cutting measures which WWE has been implementing recently. Vince McMahon also did not like how wrestlers went off script on the show. He believed that everyone had to stay in character even after Smackdown went off air. Vince thought it did not serve the company’s best interests and he was unhappy with it.

The thing which made the chairman to make his final decision was a segment with The New Day on the 23rd May edition of the show. The New Day were moved to Smackdown during the superstar shakeup but their debut was delayed due to Kofi Kingston getting injured. Right after Kofi got cleared, they made their first appearance on Talking Smack. Vince was reportedly unhappy over New Day appearing on Talking Smack because he believed their first appearance on Tuesday Night should have been on Smackdown.