Before Global Force Wrestling (GFW) officially became the brand name that brings you Impact Wrestling each week, owners Anthem Entertainment and Chief Creative Officer Jeff Jarrett set about combining the TNA titles with their GFW counterparts.

As part of that effort, Global Force Champion Magnus, made an appearance on Impact to drop the strap to Alberto El Patron. Many people believed that this was the signs of a home coming for Magnus who is a former TNA World and Tag team champion. This appears not to be the case unfortunately, as reported by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter  Magnus was just at the taping on a handshake agreement to transition to “protect the lineage of the GFW title”.

Magnus was offered a GFW contract, but turned it down. Possibly because The Observer says their new contracts give the company 10% of money the performer makes on independent bookings, and 100% of any merchandise sold with their likeness by GFW.

he former is something for which TNA under Dixie Carter reportedly asked and was widely ridiculed. The latter isn’t completely terrible, as talent may still be able to sell t-shirts and other items through third-parties, but in conjunction with the first one, seems to compound a bad deal for all wrestlers involved with the company.

Matt Hardy who has had his fair share of problems with both GFW/TNA and Anthem Entertainment over the rights to the “Broken Hardy gimmick. Tweeted the following about the new contracts.

I think bringing in a contract like this can really hurt GFW, it could resort in a lot of talent wanting to leave the company, losing out on 10% for indie bookings and 100% of all merch is a lot to ask and could see a lot of wrestlers loose out on money . If this was the contract that Magnus was offered I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to take it and can see a lot of wrestlers in the future turn down the offer, it can only do more harm than good I believe.

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