Shelton Benjamin, one of the most athletic superstars in the history of the WWE. He has had some amazing moments and matches, and with his potential return, here is a look back at the top 6 (or not so top) moments of THE Gold Standard.


Shelton Benjamin vs Shawn Michael’s – Gold Rush tournament – 2/5/2005

Looking for a number one contender for the championship the WWE decided to have a tournament to decide who would get the next title opportunity. Shelton, the intercontinental champ at the time, was first out to the ring while awaiting his opponent, The crowd exploded at the sound of HBK’s music. This was the first time these two stars had faced off in the ring. With the abilities these two had, the thousands in attendance, along with the millions watching at home, knew they were in for a treat. Sometimes in-ring styles do not mix, this was not the case. This was a great match, and rightly deserves a place on the all-time greatest Raw matches list. However, as good as the match was, the greatness of that ending will forever be what is remembered. Shelton springboarding off the ropes and getting caught right in the Sweet Chin Music, 1-2-3. Epic.

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