WWE NXT: Impact carries the show.

William Regal starts off by talking about the loss of Dusty Rhodes last year and the creation of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic last year. It was so successful, so they are going to do it again. There will be sixteen teams and the finals will be at Takeover in Toronto. The first round matches will take place next week.

Lucas’ Comments: I am so excited for this.  The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic was absolutely amazing last year and it gave us the turn of Samoa Joe and the long heated rivalry between him and Finn Balor!  This year, I hope they don’t do this and do have a tag team win the classic.  Maybe even have an NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2 rematch for the NXT Tag Team Championships in the final?

Tye Dillinger versus Angelo Dawkins
Dillinger waits for Dawkins to finish stirring things up and Tye with a snap mare and cartwheel. Tye does some stirring and Dawkins sends Dillinger into the turnbuckles and punches him. Dawkins sends Dillinger into the turnbuckles and punches him. Dillinger with a chop but Dawkins with an Irish whip and he misses a splash. Dillinger with a chop and Dawkins with a kick. Dillinger with a flying forearm and punches. Dillinger with a reverse atomic drop and a short arm clothesline. Dillinger kicks Dawkins in the corner and the referee warns Tye.  Dillinger with a side Russian leg sweep and then he kicks Dawkins. Tye pulls down the knee pad and he gets Dawkins in his shoulder for the Tye Breaker and the three count.

Bobby Roode makes a GLORIOUS entrance, saying to Dillinger that was simply . . . impressive. You call yourself the perfect ten, but you are not quite a ten yet. With the proper guidance. Bobby says that Tye has known him for a long time and Bobby says he came to NXT to compete and to win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Bobby says he needs to be part of it. Since he got here, he hasn’t made a lot of friends and it sucks because he needs a partner for the tournament. He does not need any partner; he needs the perfect partner. He says he knows how close Tye was to Dusty. He tells Tye to think about it and he does the announcement of them winning the Dusty Classic.  Bobby says that just isn’t a perfect ten, that is Perfectly Glorious.  Bobby and Tye shake hands and we have the first team for the Dusty Rhodes Classic.

Lucas’ Comments: Since this announcement, everyone has been talking about how much this is a perfect tag team (Excuse the pun) and it truly is!    Tye Dillinger is in a spot where he shouldn’t be right now and this tag team with Bobby Roode will evaluate him into a spot where he deserves to be.  Winning this classic will be his biggest victory to date and can lead to much greater things with a feud between the two further down the line (near Wrestemania season?).  If given the chance, these two can be perfect together.  They have two huge personalities’ that can only shine bigger and brighter together.

Gabriel Ealy and Uriel Ealy versus Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder ©
Samoa Joe walks past Dawson and Wilder and he attacks the Ealys. Joe with punches and kicks followed by a back elbow and back sentons to each Ealy and he adds a second set of back sentons. Dawson and Wilder realize that you don’t want to mess with Samoa Joe so they go back up the ramp.

Joe calls out William Regal and he says that you see the first two victims of your indecisiveness. The beatings will continue until you make a decision. Bring him Nakamura or give him his championship.

Lucas’ Comments:  Very short and very sweet.  This segment served its purpose and that was to get Samoa Joe’s aggression out and it did just that whilst calling out NXT General Manager, William Regal.  Whilst Nakamura is written of TV this is all they can really have Joe do for now.  Maybe it was a big mistake taking Nakamura off TV, after all he is the NXT Champion…

Mandy Rose versus Ember Moon
Mandy pushes Ember before the bell rings and Ember pushes back. Mandy with a kick and forearm. Moon with a back heel kick and a front kick. Moon with a fallaway slam and a kip up. Moon with a springboard cross body for a near fall. Moon blocks a kick and pulls Rose into the center of the ring. Rose with a kick and a bicycle kick for a near fall. Rose with a forearm to the back and a modified abdominal stretch. Rose with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Rose with a punch to the head but she taunts Moon and Moon with a rollup for a near fall. Rose counters a head scissors into a front driver for a near fall. Rose with a rana that sends Rose into the turnbuckles. Moon goes up top for the Eclipse and the three count.

Lucas’ Comments:  We all knew the outcome of this match before hand but that didn’t stop Mandy Rose trying to prove herself.  She showed that she is learning the craft and that with a lot more training and improvement she can make something of her career in wrestling.  We didn’t get the standard squash match, which is the right decision with the lack of women wrestlers in NXT that stand a chance at the NXT Championship.  It is nice to see that Ember Moon had a challenge on her hands and that she is going to have to fight for her place.  Ember Moon is going to be the one pushed to the top to challenge Asuka before anyone else because she is a solid performer, but I don’t think it will be as quick as we all expect.

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa are in the back and they are asked about their match during the CWC Finals and what happened after. Johnny says it was good, but they have a list of things to accomplish. Ciampa says they want to win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. They want to beat the Revival. Ciampa says they have earned their spot in NXT and the final item is to win the NXT Tag Titles.

Lucas’ Comments:  These are my pick for winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.  That is all I am saying.

Akam and Rezar (with Paul Ellering) versus Jesus Yurnet and Jon Cruz
Akam and Yurnet start things off and Yurnet is sent into the turnbuckles and Cruz is knocked off the apron. Akam with a biel and then he hits a splash. Rezar tags in and they connect with knees to the midsection before hitting a double gutbuster. Rezar brings Cruz in and sends him to the mat. Rezar presses Cruz over his head and then he drops him on the floor. Akam tags back in and they hit the clothesline and side Russian leg sweep combination for the three count.

After the match, Paul says the first chapter began with the arrival. The next chapter will unleash a plethora of pain. For now, that is all you need to know. That is all you need to know.

Lucas’ Comments:  These are two big guys that are slowly showing us what they can do.  I am excited to see where they are going and with Paul in their corner they can surely go to bigger heights.  I think we need to see more then just squash matches from these guys, as if they are entering the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, we need to know they are a threat to established teams and not just good at squashing teams that aren’t well known.

Liv Morgan versus Asuka ©
They lock up and Asuka with a clean break but Liv pushes Asuka. They lock up again and Liv pushes Asuka away and hits a drop kick but Asuka stays on her feet. Liv with forearms but Asuka shows Liv how it is done. Asuka with an arm bar submission and Liv taps out.

After the match, Asuka is asked about her win and who is the next victim. Asuka says nobody is ready for Asuka.

Lucas’ Comments:  Liv is someone I can see becoming a big star, but it just isn’t the right time of her yet.  This was essentially made to show how powerful Asuka is and how there isn’t any competition in NXT right now.  With the WWE.com videos of Payton Royce and Billie Kay laughing at Liv Morgan, I can somehow see a tag team feud happening here with Asuka helping Liv and showing her some respect, leading to Asuka defending her championship against either Royce or Kay, hell maybe even a four-way match?  She needs something to do whilst they build up Ember Moon to be a liable challenger for the championship and what better then to help these three women get over?

Lince Dorado versus Hideo Itami
They shake hands before the match starts and they lock up. Dorado with a waist lock but Itami with a hammer lock and Dorado with a reversal. Itami with a hammer lock. Dorado with a flying mare and a head scissors take down. Dorado goes for a drop kick into the corner but Itami moves and Dorado lands on his feet. Itami with a kick but he misses a running kick when Dorado moves. Itami with a kick to the leg. Dorado swats away a kick and Dorado with a snap mare and kick. Dorado with an enzuigiri but then he goes for a springboard move and Itami with a kick to the chest.

Itami with a running knee to the midsection followed by a kick to the chest. Itami with knee drops to the head. Itami leaps over Dorado and kicks dirt on Dorado. Itami sends Dorado into the turnbuckles and connects with an uppercut. Dorado with an Irish whip but Itami with a boot. Dorado drop kicks Itami off the turnbuckles and Itami goes to the floor. Dorado with a drop kick and then he goes for an Asai Moonsault and hits it.

We are back and Dorado with an arm bar and he turns it into a Fujiwara arm bar. Dorado stomps on the arm but Itami with punches. Dorado with a spinning heel kick and he gets a near fall. Dorado with a chop and then he runs into a boot from Itami. Itami goes for a Tornado DDT but then Dorado blocks it but Itami is able to drop Dorado on the top rope. Itami with a kick from the turnbuckles followed by a series of kicks. Itami with strikes and a back heel kick. Dorado avoids a kick from Itami and Dorado with a rana for a near fall. Dorado with a knee and he goes for a springboard move but Itami gets Dorado on his shoulders. Dorado escapes and Lince with a sunset flip for a near fall. Dorado with a round kick to Itami and then Dorado goes up top.

Itami moves when Dorado goes for the Shooting Star Press and Itami with a boot and a Yakuza Kick and hesitation drop kick. Itami gets Dorado up and hits the Go to Sleep and he gets the three count.  After the match, Austin Aries attacks Itami from behind and he punches Hideo and kicks him. Aries chops Itami and then Aries avoids Itami when Itami Irish whips him and Aries leaves the ring and goes to the back.

Lucas’ Comments:  What a main event from these two to end NXT!  Hideo Itami is just getting his footing back after having over a year off to recover from that shoulder injury!  The usage of CWC stars on NXT and Raw has been very consistent and to have Itami step foot into the ring with one was a genius move.  He would be an asset to the Cruiserweight division.  Continuing the feud, they started at NXT Back to Brooklyn, Austin Aries comes out to attach Itami.  This is adding that extra bit of physicality that this feud has been desperate for!  Aries is a fantastic heel, as many people know from his work in TNA and it works well with such a baby face in Itami.   To end NXT on a solid front, you know you can count on A Double to sort that out for you!

So what did you guys think of NXT this week?  Do you agree with me or not?  Let me know in the comments below!
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