A few weeks ago it was announced that this year’s WWE 2K video game cover star would be none other than the Kingslayer, Seth Rollins.

We saw an ad air that featured The Architect destroying the memorials of many WWE legends at WWE headquarters with the slogan “Be Like No One”. A few weeks later, 2K released a second ad, this one having Kurt Angle come to the mess to look around through Rollins destruction.

Usually a video game ad, means little to nothing in the real world. But it’s a different case when it comes to WWE games. Over the past few years, being the cover star or a DLC/Pre Order bonus, usually meant that the star would return to WWE later that year or next year, and it’s happened more often than not. Sting, Goldberg, and more, have returned to WWE after they were announced as the pre order bonus.

But it doesn’t stop there, last year in a WWE 2K17 promo, we saw Goldberg locking heads with Brock Lesnar in the ad, and it was named a ‘dream match’. A few months later, Goldberg not only returned to the WWE, but he went to battle with Brock Lesnar again.

It’s now being reported that WWE officials are currently considering putting Seth Rollins and Kurt Angle in a program together by the end of 2017, which would eventually land them in the ring together at WrestleMania 34 and would be Angle’s first match back since returning to the WWE.

Before Kurt Angle returned, he mentioned that if he ever returned to the WWE, Seth Rollins would be a guy that he would want to step in the ring with.

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