The lawsuit filed against WWE on behalf of over fifty performers has been moved in front of a judge with familiarity in the case. WWE’s motion to have the class-action lawsuit filed against them moved to the jurisdiction of Vanessa L. Bryant, the judge who has handled previous lawsuits filed against the company regarding health concerns. WWE had asked that the lawsuit be moved to Bryant’s jurisdiction due to her familiarity and consolidation of the previous lawsuits. Bryant has previously shot down claims by Konstantine Kyros, the lawyer representing the class-action suit, of a similar caliber.

WWE have also requested another lawsuit be transferred to Judge Bryant.  The lawsuit in question is Buff Bagel & Raven’s lawsuit alleging that they should be receiving royalties from the WWE Network.  The request for the transfer was filed on September 28th.  The company is arguing that in the case of Bagwell/Ravem lawsuit, there are “overlapping groups of plaintiffs represented by the same lawyer to extract additional royalty compensation from WWE related to their performances” and thus should all be brought before Bryant as a related case. No ruling has been made on that as of yet.

The older lawsuit was filed in July and has the likes of Jimmy Snuka, Chavo Guerrero, Sabu, Ax and Smash, Shane Douglas and more alleging that WWE failed to care for their performers over repetitive head injuries.

Four3Four will keep you updated as more regarding this lawsuit is released.


Authors Note: What do you guys think about these two lawsuits.  Do any of them stand a chance against Vince McMahon and the WWE?

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