AJ Styles won the United States Championship from Kevin Owens during a house show at Madison Square Garden. His title reign did not last long as The New Face of America brought home the title for a third time in a rather odd finish.

Battleground had been a decent pay-per-view up until this match for the United States Championship. Styles and Owens waged war for the title and it looked like the champion was well on his way to walking out with it, but it was Owens who pulled out the win.

The match was back and forth to start things off and The Prizefighter got the upperhand and showed just how determined he was to win his title back.

Owens wanted to put Styles away early, but the Champ That Runs The Camp was not going away lightly. He hit KO with an early forearm and that did nothing but anger the challenger.

The two were all over the place for the United States Championship and the Philadelphia Crowd was pretty excited for the match.

Styles was going for what looked like a Styles Clash, but Owens was quick to counter out of it and throw the champion into the referee.

With the referee out, Styles locked on the Calf Crusher on Owens, but he countered into his own submission. Again, Styles was able to roll out of the crossface and lock on his own crossface.

The referee started to stir and it seemed like he would do so in time to see Owens tap out. However, KO rolled Styles up and was able to get the victory in a pretty shoddy finish.

Owens celebrated with the title as Styles looked on, seemingly setting up a rematch for the two at Summerslam next month.

What did you think of the finish in this match? How will WWE handle this going forward?

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