Many of the current WWE Superstars seem to be stuck in wrestling purgatory. WWE has acquired so much indie talent in the past few years that there just isn’t enough time and storylines to invest in everybody. So what’s a wrestler to do when they are stuck in a rut? Why not take a giant leap of faith and travel overseas for a second chance!

NJPW has been around since 1972 and while they have had peaks in popularity, they have arguably never been bigger than they have been in 2017. A lot of the current spike in popularity is due to events such as AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura coming into the WWE, social media going crazy for Okada/Omega, and the global success of Bullet Club. Numerous WWE Superstars have crafted their characters and bodies of work in NJPW which has helped them either get their feet in the door of other promotions or simply just made them even bigger stars. In this article I will be looking at 10 WWE Superstars that I believe could become bigger stars between the ropes of New Japan. Keep in mind that a few of these may have been in NJPW in the past, but I am looking at where these wrestlers currently are in their respective careers.

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