The Bulgarin Brute may be getting owned by John Cena in the ring, but when it comes to Twitter, Cena can’t hold a candle to RUSEV!


Quite surprisingly, he is a very funny guy, not what you would expect from such a man. Let’s just take a look at some of his best.


  Jun 16

I cannot play foosball all day! I need to crush real people who can fake injuries.

  Jun 13NBA should cut the number of teams in half and make them all super teams.

  Jun 12

  Jul 23


This is just a taste of The Big Burly Bulgarian Brute on Twitter. Do yourself a favor and click on any of the links to his account and follow him. You will also get plenty of pictures of Lana. That’s not why I follow him at all… *wink wink*. He has never had a great chance to be himself on the mic. I feel many of his promos are mostly scripted.
Hopefully this leads to a bigger push for Rusev, although losing to Super Cena in a flag match is not the best way to start his come back. He deserves to move into the main event scene. I know the idea was to have Jinder Mahal as champion for the whole India market thing, but it’s not working. Hopefully once he drops the title (soon?) our next heel challenger will be Rusev. Maybe the higher-ups will let him show some personality. He certainly has it in spades. Hell…use his Twitter to push him! Right here, let’s get it going #pushrusev

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