At last year’s Survivor Series, we saw team Raw take on team SmackDown, with the respective champion’s of their own brand leading both of their teams. Kevin Owens was the Universal Champion at the time, and AJ Styles was the WWE Champion.

Last year, we were fresh off the brand split, everything was all new and exciting, and it was an all round fun PPV to watch. Unlikely allies teaming up to fight for their brand, a Shield mini-reunion, and we even got to see Shane McMahon in action. We also saw Goldberg’s first match back since returning to the WWE.

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It’s being reported that at this year’s show, WWE officials do plan to keep the theme of Raw vs SmackDown Live in place. It seems although Survivor Series is the new ‘Bragging Rights’ with multiple brand vs brand matches going down.

It’s believed that officials want the main Raw vs SmackDown match to be a one on one match, rather than a 5 vs 5 elimination match. They believe that it could be built to become a WrestleMania feel type of match up, with both brands selecting who they believe their ‘top’ superstar is at the time.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what superstar each brand chooses, and what other cross brand matches we will be able to witness.

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