What match does the KingSlayer want to have at The Grandest Stage of Them All? Does he want to have a Shield triple threat? Maybe a rematch with Roman or Finn Balor? Maybe even against someone Great…

The Great Khali! No, it isn’t The Punjabi NIghtmare. It is none other than The Great One and perhaps future President of The USA (if trump then why not anyone else), The Rock! Who else would you want to Seth to face? Seth, in an interview with  Delaware 105.9

“Obviously ‘Rocky’ is a little busy these days doing some Hollywood things, making movies, doing TV shows, all sorts of good stuff,” Rollins said. “If the opportunity came about I’d have no problem taking on The Rock at WrestleMania, sounds like a good time to me.

Sounds to me like he is setting that stage for a possible match. He even threw in a little underhanded jab by calling him “Rocky.” It would be entertaining to say the least. I can see some good promos, Seth going word for word with The Rock, talking about how he has beaten everyone now and then…. Queue the music! Summerslam would be a good time to start it too. The stars come out for the biggest party of the summer. Seth is a little wrapped up in reunion story line with Dean Ambrose at the moment though. A story which will surely lead to another feud between the two, I can just smell the Ambrose heel turn coming.

Surely a Seth Rollins vs The Rock would be entertaining from a spectacle standpoint, but would it be good match? My heart says yes, but my head says no. Rocky just doesn’t have the in-ring prowess anymore. It’s hard to just get back in and go. The last time he was in the ring with John Cena, it didn’t end well for The Rock. He lost the title and pull, strained, or tore every muscle he had, not good. Give me Seth against someone more his style. I’ll tell you what would be good, Rock vs Roman Reigns. Oh the boos Roman would get. In the end, if it is Seth vs Rock, I am okay with that. Like I stated earlier, it would be a good spectacle, like Seth Rollins vs Sting. It just sounds like Seth wants it, as he ended the same interview with this…

“I’m in the prime of my career right now. The Rock’s past his prime, he’s had his days, he’s an old man at this point in time,” Rollins said. “I’m young, youthful, and vibrant. I’m ready to go.”

Do you want to see Seth Rollins vs The Rock? Maybe, just spit balling here, The Kingslayer vs The Glorious One?

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