It looks like WWE might have to plan for more time without John Cena, after comic book writer Mark Millar would like to cast John Cena in the lead role for his comic book’s movie adaption. Millar, known for such works as Kick-Ass, is said to be a huge fan of Cena after seeing him in Trainwreck and thinks he would be perfect to lead the film, Superior.

This year hasn’t been a great year for John Cena fans. He was missing from the start of the year and didn’t return until May, meaning he didn’t wrestle a match for first Wrestlemania in his career. Since then he has only picked up one PPV win in a tag team match at Battleground, and has only recently returned to our television screens after taking a break after Summerslam. He is also set to take another long break after Smackdown’s No Mercy PPV on October 9 to continue filming Season 2 of his reality show American Grit.  If this chance comes along for Cena, you’ll have to expect a huge hiatus away from wrestling once again.

It’s very likely that WWE will give Cena the time off if he is offered and accepts the role. After all, this is likely to bring them some more attention as well. John Cena is becoming a hot commodity outside of the wrestling world however, so we must speculate if he will continue with WWE for much longer.

As of right now, there is no news whether Big Match John has been offered or is even considering the role. As always, we will keep you updated here at

So, are you a fan of the comic book series Superior? Would John Cena be a good fit for the role of the titular superhero?

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