205 Live saw Ariya Daivari finally challenge the Cruiserweight Champion Neville, and the two former champions faced each other in tag team action as the team of TJP & Tony Nese take on Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander. Also, we saw The Brian Kendrick & Gentleman Jack Gallagher revisit their rivalry with a nice little promo segment.

With Akira Tozawa on commentary playing down his shoulder injury, Ariya Daivari scored a huge victory (albeit by count-out) over the Cruiserweight Champion Neville. With Daivari constantly pushing the idea of great Iranian Champions on the microphone and with this win, it looks like Daivari is headed for a Cruiserweight Championship opportunity.

The Brian Kendrick comes out and once again makes fun of Gentleman Jack Gallagher, pulling photoshopped images of Gallagher up on the big screen. Gallagher heads to the ring with a no-nonsense attitude looking to get his hands on Kendrick, but Kendrick quickly backs away. This feud has incredible potential but needs to escalate to another level to really kick off.

The team of TJP & Tony Nese defeat Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander in a tag team main event. A fun match with some quick action and solid storytelling. Tony Nese’s entrance was amazing with him talking up his amazing physique in a cocky arrogant speech. The heels used heel tactics to win, and the TJP vs Swann feud continues with the two trying their best to outdo each other. The main positive of this is that it appears Cedric Alexander has finally (actually) moved on from his feud with Noam Dar.

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