Pretty much every year at the Royal Rumble PPV, there are always a few surprising returns. Generally these returns happen during the Royal Rumble Match and is the same to happen next year?

The three big names currently being thrown around are Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. Now while none of these major stars are expected in the Royal Rumble Match, it’s still a huge deal to have them feature at the Pay-Per-View. And with the event being held in the home state of all three guys (Texas), an appearance from each would really hype up the crowd, viewers and buy-rates.

The most likely to feature is Shawn Michaels. The Royal Rumble is in his hometown, and WWE would be a fool to let such a crowd-popping ovation slip. While HBK did retire from in-ring competition in 2010, there are still plenty of ways to utilize him.

To be honest, The Undertaker is the least likely to appear, considering he’s been telling people that Wrestlemania 32 was his last match. And unless his appearance was to set up a Wrestlemania angle then wouldn’t it be strange? Still, The Phenom did say his last match was at ‘Mania 30 where he lost the streak to Brock Lesnar, and he’s been back since so hopefully he can be tempted once again.

Finally, we come to The Rattlesnake. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s appearance would undoubtedly raise the Alamodrome roof and, like Michaels, his presence is likely. However, it is very unlikely that his role will be a physical one. When Austin last appeared at a PPV, it was to kick the ass of the League of Nations and Xavier Woods at Wrestlemania 32. Doing this resulted in a previously torn rotator cuff injury worsening, so WWE are probably not going to risk Austin getting hurt again.

Due to the amount of talent already on both rosters, and with possible debuts from NXT always on the horizon, we could already be on the way to a great Royal Rumble. Without question though, a showing from any of these three legends will raise the bar.

So, is there anybody you’d like to see appear at the Royal Rumble? Do you think the Rumble needs any returns to elevate what will likely be a stacked card?

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