AJ Styles is arguably the best pro wrestler in the world today. There are very few that can match his athleticism and technical ability.

This was true while he was with ROH, TNA, NJPW and now with WWE. However, Styles is not a really big guy and coming in with a lot of hype to the WWE does not always bode well for some performers.

Getting over with the big boss, Vince McMahon, is imperative to a man’s success in the company. So how exactly did The Phenomenal One achieve this?

In a recent interview with Sam Roberts, he explains what helped him get over with McMahon:

Well, I think it was the MizTV where I beat him up. I think that’s when he goes, ‘whoa, okay…’ It’s one of those things where you’ve just got to… I don’t know… I think Vince kind of likes a tough guy to some degree.

I’m not saying I’m Brock Lesnar, but I fought all my life.

Styles also comments on a wide range of topics throughout the interview. He touches on pitching the idea of a Shawn Michaels match but HBK ultimately turning it down, as well as some comments on John Cena.

Styles says that Cena is the ultimate professional:

I learned a lot from him. It’s just the little things that he does.

People aren’t going to like this, but I’m telling you, I’d say 90% of the things I’ve learned that I felt helped me tremendously is John Cena.

The guy… there’s a reason he was able to stay on for more than 10 years and done what he has done in his career.

It’s a very interesting conversation, so if you have the time to listen to it you should definitely check it out on iTunes under ‘Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast’.

Who are you hoping to see AJ Styles face at Summerslam? Do you want him back in the World title picture soon?

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