Word going around backstage is that is the plan. The Eater of Worlds, and self-proclaimed God, Bray Wyatt has been haunting Finn Balor since Wyatt moved over from Raw during the Superstar Shakeup.


Speculation among officials is that Triple H has been waiting to bring The Demon back on a big stage and since Summerslam was the last time we saw Finn Balor’s Demon, it makes sense that it would be the comeback. This has been building for months with teases of a match between the two but never facing off against each other. With reports of Bray Wyatt on his way to a main event push, will it also be the first defeat of The Demon?


With the way WWE markets Balor’s demon paint and persona, it is surprising that it hasn’t been seen in a full year, despite being injured. It is believed that Triple H wants Balor to be back in the paint as it is better marketing for the match, Summerlsam, and WWE in general. Just looking at it from a fan perspective, it excites me, I can’t imagine how Triple H feels about the dollar signs that are out there. It feels as much about giving the fans a potentially great match and long lasting entertaining feud as well as the benefits of selling merchandise.


The Demon is special, one of the most special gimmicks/characters that WWE has ever had. One that only needs to make an appearance at special times, that being the big four shows of the year. I can honestly see WWE milking this all the way to Survivor Series for a Team Wyatt vs Team Demon. Especially with the darker characters taking the lead in a lot of facets of the company right now. I’m excited, give this to me so I can buy more Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor shirts.

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