A huge feud for the RAW Roster is being planned by WWE to take place in the end of 2017. Though the seeds have already been planted, it is expected that it will be a long feud with a long build up. The feud is The Balór Club vs. The Wyatt Family.

The eater of worlds Bray Wyatt has been cutting promos against Balór since post Wrestlemania season. This week on RAW, he made it physical by attacking Balór and costing him his match against Elias Samson. Finn teased a possible Summerslam feud against Wyatt on Twitter. Wyatt also teased a Wyatt Family reunion on twitter. The two are expected to face each other at the biggest party of the summer.

However, it doesn’t look like that this feud will end at Summerslam. It looks like Finn will reunite with his former brothers, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. A Superstar Shakeup is rumored to take place after Summerslam so it is possible that Harper and Rowan or only one of them may reunite with Bray Wyatt. WWE reportedly doesn’t have any future plans for Gallows, Anderson, Harper and Rowan right now. Braun Strowman is also expected to join them as there is a very low chance of him becoming Universal Champion at Summerslam. Fans may get to see the dream feud called “The Balór Club vs. The Wyatt Family”.