A familiar YouTube show made by young pro wrestling promotion, WCPW, will be returning the show that put itself on the map.

Until six-seven months after its inception, WCPW hosted it’s Loaded show weekly on YouTube. It would air “live” (As in airing as a TV show, but put up it’s stream for a small while) and would chop its content into pieces after a while. They had plans to go live weekly after it’s free special, Exit Wounds, but because of monetization issues, Loaded got halted indefinitely.

Things between WCPW and YouTube went worse when their most recent non-World Cup show, Fight Back, got false-flagged, but returned to YouTube a week later, patching things up and continuing its taped WCPW World Cup 2017 shows on YouTube.

On July 25th, however, the WCPW YouTube channel put up a promo regarding Loaded’s return and announced when it will come up online: August 3rd at 8 PM BST for WhatCulture Extra subscribers, August 4th as it airs (“live”) on Twitch at 8 PM and August 5th on YouTube.

We can almost certainly confirm that the matches that will be broadcasted on Loaded will be from the WCPW World Cup Japan Qualifier tapings as almost all of its non-tournament matches (Save for the Ishii vs Rampage main event) weren’t included in the WCPW World Cup broadcast.

This means the 8-man tag (Kidd, Kirby, Primate and Rampage vs The Prestige), Gracie vs Riddle, the Tag Title match (Swords of Essex vs War Machine) and Kyle O’Riley vs Marty Scurll will get broadcasted on this episode of Loaded.

WCPW announced that they are taping future episodes of Loaded in the future (Although dates are unknown as of now), noting that there will be more episodes to come. Also note that wrestling is still non-monetized according to YouTube guidelines. Will you watch Loaded? Sound your comments off, down below.

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