It’s now official that at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, Drew McIntyre will challenge Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship.

This is a big match for the developmental brand. Both men are established stars in the US and abroad, and add a sense of credibility to the championship that not many others could.

Roode has been champion since January after defeating Shinsuke Nakamura at TakeOver: San Antonio. He has had an entertaining title reign, and his dickhead heel persona has meshed well with some of the babyfaces in NXT.

Besides Nakamura though, no challenger has really felt up to the task of dethroning the Glorious One. That has now changed since McIntyre became number one contender.

Drew was one of the standout performers outside of WWE for the past few years, and his return was a huge boost for NXT. He possesses size, athleticism and a strong babyface fire that many others do not have.

So why should he be the one to win the NXT Title and not someone else? Well, McIntyre has all the above qualities; but then again, so do others. The one thing that he has that others do not is name recognition.

McIntyre is a former Intercontinental and Tag Team champion in WWE. He is also a former TNA World Champion. Casual fans are more likely to know who he is than anybody else on the brand, and this will help grow NXT further.

His promo this week on NXT was phenomenal. He engaged the audience like nobody else on that roster can and set up what should be a great match at the next live special in Brooklyn.

Roode is destined for main roster stardom, and it needs to come soon. He has already hit 40 years of age, while McIntyre is only 32. This leaves plenty of time for The Chosen One to grow the brand before perhaps joining Roode on the main roster.

So while the Glorious Era of NXT has been entertaining and provided some quality main event matches, it is time to move in a new direction. The 6’5″ Scotsman is the man to lead NXT for the next six months to a year. It’s time for a Glorious debut on Raw or Smackdown.

Are you excited for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn? Is McIntyre the man to dethrone the current champ?

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