The Hardcore Championship was short-lived in WWE. It was introduced and retired in a span of 4 years. Despite its short history, it had a noticable impact on WWE, and was representative of the, for lack of a better word, attitude that permeated WWE during the Attitude Era.

2002, the year the Hardcore title was retired, was 15 years ago. Shortly after its departure, the Ruthless Aggression Era began, then the PG Era, and we now find ourselves in what I think will come to be referred to as the Network Era. WWE has changed a lot since the belt was active, and the ‘E may not be right for the belt anymore. The attitude that was once in the promotion is no longer there, but the 15th anniversary of the title’s retirement is in August, and a discussion over whether it should be brought back is timely.

The first major strike against the possibility of bringing it back came in 2010 when WWE banned chair shots to the head. So if it were to be brought back, the matches would be nowhere near the same. Chair shots to the head, barbed wire baseball bats to the head, and any other iconic features of those matches from the past would be notably missing from the 2017 Hardcore Championship matches.

So should it be brought back? I don’t think so. I loved the old ECW and I loved the Attitude Era. But part of what made those matches great wouldn’t be brought back with the title, and because of that, we will be left with what we have now, and that is good memories of a good thing we can’t have anymore. So I liken bringing back the Hardcore title to getting back with your ex. It can’t be the same, and it won’t be the same, so let’s leave the past in the past. Nothing wrong with memories. Anyone who has been to a high school reunion knows that sometimes, memories are better than having the real thing back.

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