Sure, he is one of the longest reigning tag champs, and he is part of the first team to win the Raw and Smackdown Tag Team Championships, but how much of the success belongs to Xavier Woods?


Xavier Woods/Austin Creed/Consequences Creed, whatever you want to call him, is one of the most accomplished stars outside of the ring. He has made himself into a star, similar to what Zack Ryder did with his YouTube series. Famous for being a nerd in real life, he used it as part of his gimmick while in NXT and it made him successful enough to get called up to the main roster. He made his debut teaming with friend and former TNA Champion R-Truth, Ron The Truth Killings. He did flounder for a while until he finally found his day…

On July 21st 2014 Big E and Kofi had lost a few matches in a row, forcing Woods to come down and cut one hell of a promo stating that it was “their time”. Little did we know, this would be the start of one of the greatest trios in modern wrestling. They seemed to disappear from TV for about a month while WWE was airing vignettes for them, and the start of The New Day gimmick was born. It failed at first, but Woods would not let it die. Without him it quite possibly would not have worked. What started out as a trio of faces would soon be forced to embrace the “New Day Sucks” chants. Soon after they would win the tag titles (for a second time) and become the longest reigning tag team chanps in history.

I say all of this because, when they lost matches, it was because Woods always took the pin fall. He was never part of the group to defend the titles. It was Kofi and Big E that won the titles, he hardly ever even won singles matches. What did he do besides interfere in matches and play Francesca? I’ll tell you what he did, he kept the group together, he kept them fresh, and he kept them entertaining. He is the most charismatic of the group but never gets a chance to really showcase what he can do in the ring. That is until Battleground 2017. He stole the show, not that it was much of a show, but his performance would have stolen the show most nights. He finally got a chance to be in the ring, by himself, showing his resilience. He took the super kick after springboarding off the ropes for an elbow drop. Then he did the same elbow drop nearly all the way across the ring. He has in-ring talent that most don’t have, but also most have never seen it.

Also his YouTube channel gives a great glimpse into his personality. He is still a kid at heart who collects figures and plays video games. His channel also gives us a look behind the curtain as he often has several WWE Superstars on his shows. In my own personal opinion, he is great for wrestling, despite some unflattering things that have happened lately. Hopefully he is getting the push he deserves after Battleground to show what he can do and that he is the golden unicorn of The New Day and he is definitely not booty.

Do yourself a favor and go check out his channel here


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