On December 2016, the WWE held a surprise press conference in London to announce the UK Championship Tournament to be broadcasted live to the Network. The tournament aired with reasonable success (And on a time that is more friendly to the UK and European crowd) and the first ever champion, Tyler Bate, went on to defend his UK Title on episodes of NXT.

In the meanwhile, WWE was busy with producing a show for the Network that exclusively features UK talent as is seen in the UK tournament. The show would be one hour a week and would have it’s own feuds and storylines around it. With talent such as Trent Seven, Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne and Jordan Devlin, it would be a no-brainer that such a show would be airing on the Network and the first tapings were already done by May.

But apart from having part of the May tapings used for a Network Special (And some matches being uploaded on the Network), there has been no update about the UK show whatsoever which led to the UK show. Some UK talent (Like Danny Burch) became fixtures for NXT and the rest is just off in the UK indies. The reason (According to WON) show plans went to black is because ITV’s WOS promotion was put on hold as well.

I think that the money and effort invested into such UK show was a waste considering it’s result. WWE shelled some money to pick up the best stars from the UK and gave them the benefits to work outside of WWE and even defend the UK Title outside of the WWE promotion.

Although we got great matches like Bate vs Dunne and Mandrews vs O’Conners from it and more international recognition for UK talent, I do think there should be more use from WWE for the UK talent they’ve signed. Maybe give them storylines against NXT/205 stars or even NXT/Cruiserweight Title shots. Although the UK brand (as of now) seems like a big waste, at least the talent could still be used. With the money into the UK brand itself, however, is harder to see a positive with. Let’s just hope the weekly UK show will begin in the near future instead of bleed to death.

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