With announcements made for matches and segments to happen on Raw next week, it looks like we will have some tremendous things to look forward to.

Confirmation of having three number one contenders leading to a Fatal Four Way at Summerslam should lead us down a rocky road on the way there. It has been stated that next week’s Raw from Pittsburgh will feature a Triple Threat main even of Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe vs Braun Strowman. Also said to be featured is Miz TV with special guest Jason Jordan.

Let’s just look at these two things here, starting with the Triple Threat match. Looking at the styles of these three it is going to be a hard hitting affair, or as Good Ole JR would say, a real slobberknocker. I’m taking Strowman to go over here, since I don’t think he will win at Summerslam. This is going to be the type of match I enjoy, blood and broken bones. Let’s do this. Now MizTv from Pittsburgh, hometown of Kurt Angle (Kirk Angel), featuring his newly found son Jason Jordan. There has been a rumor of a mid-card push and Intercontinental Title run soon for Jordan and it looks like this may just be the start of it. We all know The Miz will say something about him getting opportunities because of his daddy and Jason Jordan will punch him in his mouth before getting subdued by The Miztourage. So soon it will lead to him having matches against each of them and running through them easily. He is a beast of a man, and that belly-to-belly is awesome, and will make easy work of them. I would like to see it lead perhaps, to a gauntlet match, where he defeats Dallas and Axle before getting his title shot against Miz.

This should be an exciting Raw, the Triple Threat Match won’t be a match of the year candidate, but should be entertainment. As for MizTv, we know MizTV won’t end without a brawl,  so we have that to look forward to at least.

Be sure to tune in Monday at 8 EST time/7 CST for Monday Night RAW!

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