Roman Reigns has been one of the most interesting figures in professional wrestling for the past two years. Most weeks, fans boo Reigns out of whatever arena he is in. This reaction means that he’s a really effective bad guy, right?, because WWE constantly tries to build him as the top babyface of the company. It continues to baffle most wrestling fans that WWE are persisting on pushing Roman as a good guy, when it is clear he’d suit being the company’s top villain. Well it turns out they were going to pull the trigger on a heel turn earlier this year.

The original plan was for Roman Reigns and former Shield teammate Seth Rollins to complete a double turn. Over the summer, Reigns and Rollins were to switch roles, with Seth becoming a full-fledged face and Reigns becoming a heel. It isn’t confirmed when this was going to happen, or what actually changed their minds, but it seems like Roman Reign’s Wellness Policy Violation played a big part. Reigns was suspended earlier this year for 30 days because of this, and resulted in his WWE Championship reign being shortened.

Seth Rollins has gone on to turn face, after a Triple H pedigree cost him the WWE Universal Championship. Rollins has since fought for the title against champion Kevin Owens. However, Rollins doesn’t seem to be fully babyface yet. This will likely happen once his feud with Triple H starts to gain heavier momentum.

Roman Reigns, on the other hand, remains the same. He is still a booed face, though he has slipped down to the midcard. He recently feuded with Rusev and claimed the United States Championship from the Bulgarian Brute. A lot of fans still aren’t happy with Reigns holding a title, but are at least glad he is out of the Universal Title picture.

Still, it’s really interesting to look back and ponder about what could have been. It’s extremely unlikely WWE are going to turn Roman heel any time soon, but there’s no doubt it is long overdue.

What do you think about WWE’s plans to turn Roman Reigns heel? Are you okay with his current position?


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