Back in the day, certain match stipulations were used sparingly and generally only happened when a feud had reached its apex. As the years went on, special match stipulations became more commonplace, whether it was to just pop the crowd or to create a spike in the ratings. Eventually, it became so common that entire shows were based around a certain match stipulation to help get eyes on the show, but in return we typically received watered down matches with the occasional odd match being spectacular either due to everything in the match just clicking or because the competitors went out of their to do something in the match to make it stand-out and feel special. 

Luckily none of the match types that I will go over will (likely) ever be turned into a full-fledged show. Instead I would go as far as to suggest that they should be retired completely, whether the match itself has a large margin between the number of great and terrible matches that have taken place or because the stipulations do not seem to have ramifications that last or even just because I am personally not a fan of them. This is an opinionated list after all. Also keep in mind that these were written specifically with WWE in mind because other promotions may do better with these match stipulations. So grab a chair (foreshadowing perhaps?) and check out my picks for 5 WWE Match Stipulations That Should Be Retired.

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