WWE announced at the final WWE show at The Joe Louis Arena that they are bringing back Hell in a Cell as Smackdown exclusive show on October 8th. It will be held live from the Little Caesar’s Arena in Detroit. What could happen then?

Some of the greatest moments have happened inside of the Hell in a Cell, from the emergence of Kane to fall(s) of Foley and just last year, Shane McMahon leaping from the top, it is a sight to behold. Even when no one plummets from the top it can still be a brutal match full of blood, bruises, broken bones and broken dreams. The Hell in a Cell match between the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar in 2002 is one if the most brutal matches in WWE history. So with the announcement of a Smackdown only Hell in a Cell show, who could we see in the cell this year?

Right off the bat, the name that jumps out at me is AJ Styles. He has never been in a Hell in a Cell match and it would be a dream come true to see what he can do inside the cell. Kevin Owens is another person we could see inside the cell. The master of the popup powerbomb is violent and innovative enough that he would fit right in inside of the demonic structure. We will see the WWE World Heavyweight Championship defended inside of the cell and likely it will be Jinder Mahal defending it. He isn’t the choice that I would have, especially after the abomination that was the Punjabi Prison match. If it is though, who do you think he would be defending against? John Cena maybe? He’s a free agent so he can be on whatever show he wants. Also, is it good place for a Money in the Bank cash in?

There were three matches inside the cell last year at the Raw exclusive Hell in a Cell. Will there be more than one this year? I would like a Tag Team title match inside the cell. New Day defending against The Usos would be likely as I don’t see that feud ending until we get a new tag team in the division. The Hell in a Cell has also been a great place to end feuds, as well as start new ones. The Authors of Pain could possibly make a main roster debut, or even Sanity.

In the end I think we get AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens inside the cell, as well as The WWE World Championship match. JInder Mahal vs John Cena in the cell seems likely, unfortunately. I will still hold out for a Tag Title match inside the cell. However it plays out, we still have two months between now and the, and if new rumors are believed, another Superstar Shakeup. Whatever happens, we can probably thank Battleground for WWE giving us this. The terrible backlash they faced in the wake of such a poor show means they have to step up their game.

What would you like to see?

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