In this article, you will see what premiering programs/new stuff WWE has in store next week, whether it’s from USA, other TV channels/streaming services or the WWE Network live stream with a short description about what will happen. As source I use, so I strongly advise you people to check that out as well. I’m doing this to give new/premiering stuff more visibility along with new announcements. Times will be posted with EST and GMT times so it will be easier for British/European viewers to see what time the shows will air.

Monday: Raw (USA Network/Sky Sports Main Event, 8 PM EST/1 AM GMT) and Bring it to the Table (Network, 11:06 EST/4:06 GMT)

Raw this week will feature a Triple Threat match including the three challengers for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam. Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe all vie for momentum before their title clash at the PPV. Also, Jason Jordan/Angle will be a guest at MizTV. Bring it to the Table will have Pete Rosenberg discuss with JBL and Corey Graves about Brock Lesnar’s UFC return, if Roman Reigns could be the next Cena and much more.

Tuesday: SmackDown (USA Network/Sky Sports Main Event, 8 PM EST/1 AM GMT) and 205 Live (Network, 10 PM EST/3 AM GMT)

SmackDown will have a double-header episode. First off, Jinder Mahal’s challenger at SummerSlam will be known soon as Shinsuke Nakamura and John Cena have to face each other to get the position. Also, Kevin Owens, after losing the US Title in a triple threat to AJ Styles (Also involving Chris Jericho), invokes his rematch clause to try to regain the title.

Wednesday: NXT (Network, 8 PM EST/1 AM GMT)

NXT will have former NXT Tag Team Champion, Johnny Gargano return to action when he faces former CWC competitor Raul Mendoza. Asuka will appear as well to address the NXT fans.

Thursdays are blank for new content (Like usually)
Friday: Chris Jericho marathon (Network, 2 PM EST/7 PM GMT) and Main Event (Hulu, 7 PM EST)

The Chris Jericho Marathon will include Unforgiven 2008, Extreme Rules 2009, Raw from July 9th 2012? (Sources say July 9th 2017 but might be a typo since there never was a Raw on that date) and Jericho’s interview on Unfiltered with Renee Young.

Saturday: This Week in WWE (Network, 3 PM EST/8 PM GMT)

Apart from an exclusive segment with superstars doing something (Be it visiting a country or helping people out for example) there’s nothing of note happening on there.

Sundays without PPV are mostly dry days with regards to new/odd vintage content.
An honestly dry week, if I say so myself. Apart from BiTTT, there’s nothing really new airing (Except for the two in-ring shows), but the Chris Jericho marathon could make the people without on-demand access (Canada, I’m looking at you…) a bit happier. For classic content, it’s the same as last week (Boston Garden cards and WCCW episodes). What do you guys think of the card? Tell us in the comments.

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