Matt Hardy recently revealed on Twitter the cost and timeframe for the creation that was #TheFinalDeletion.

Let’s get this out of the way early, I am not, nor have I ever been a fan of TNA.  Their promo work is sloppy, and god help me if I ever have to listen to Josh Matthews for more than 7 seconds….But #TheFinalDeletion was something of beauty and quite brilliant.

With the legal battle going on with TNA, now GFW (or PDQ, XYZ, whatever they want to call themselves this week…) Matt Hardy released on Twitter how much #TheFinalDeletion cost and how long it took to rebuild.  According to Matt, #TheFinalDeletion took over $2,500 and 4 days to build the entire set.  Not only that, but according to Matt Hardy, TNA did not help with a single CENT!

So #TheFinalDeletion, arguably the greatest event TNA has done in the last 5 years, was broadcast by them, marketed by them, but they did not help Matt, Reby, and House of Hardy construct something that most likely made TNA a lot of money? It’s a shady deal, and a shady company.

Matt and Jeff, in my opinion, got out of TNA with their careers intact.  With the legal battle for the “Broken Gimmick” still being held up by TNA/GFW, this bombshell is not helping the case for their company as a breakout alternative to WWE.

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