In the WWE, (Or well, in all of pro wrestling), nothing is original since it has all been tried. I tend to disagree with the statement, although a LOT of things have been done in pro wrestling, I still have some ideas in my head that I know aren’t tried yet (By the WWE at least) and here are some ideas I would like to see someday. I cannot promise the execution of such ideas will be good, but on paper, it would sound awesome to see it one day.

NXT Callup Tournament

With NXT being the premier brand for the Network and it’s developmental brand at that, I think a yearly callup tournament could make the hunt for a Raw or SmackDown spot that much competitive and could be made into a storyline. The tournament could include some upper-midcarders (Such as Kassius Ohno and/or Eric Young) and main eventers whose time in the NXT limelight have been passed. The winner of the tournament could at least gain additional perks such as choosing between Raw and SmackDown and/or getting a future IC/US Title shot. The tournament finals should happen at a TakeOver, B PPV or maybe even an own Network Special. The Callup Tournament could kick the main roster career of the tournament winner off in the right way and make such superstar relevant. And the people who didn’t win in the tournament could always be surprise callups down the line, just not with the momentum the tournament winner will have.

WWE TV/Network Title

The concept of a TV Title has already been done in WCW, but never in WWE (Although it was just a teritrary belt). Essentially, as an interbrand title (Or midcard NXT Title at the lowest, but let’s go with interbrand title), the WWE TV/Network Championship would be defended at least once a week on a televised show (Doesn’t matter if it’s on Raw, SD, NXT or 205Live, if there’s no defence on the weekly shows that week, the live event match would make it on the Network as a Network Exclusive). This could freshen the midcard/lowcard scene up as they would have another title to vie for. Because of it’s interbrand nature, the title could also be used as a way to (Temporarily) call someone from NXT up to the main roster or let wrestlers in the Cruiserweight Division fight people outside of their division. Although it sounds good on paper, WWE might make this look bad if they execute this though.

General Manager Elections

Instead of appointing GM’s like most of the time, WWE fans can vote between two (or more) candidates for the position of General Manager of Raw/SD/NXT. There could be more than just face/heel dynamics as well during such elections. One GM might be more open to deals and connections to the other brand, promise to take a better look at their divisions, actively look for new NXT superstars and/or even discuss trading the Cruiserweights to SmackDown while the other can have a more conservative approach and let his future show the way it was like before, only bettering it when needed. One candidate can change the rulebook to no Championship Advantage or use a competitive top ten list to choose it’s contenders instead of relying too much on who hates the champion so much that they could have a shot. This could go multiple ways with multiple GM alignments. It won’t even matter that much if the vote would be rigged because it’s still a scripted brand, not a country.

WWE Six Man Tag Title

Just like the TV Title, other promotions have done a 6-man tag title, but WWE has never done this. Maybe this is not the best time for one, but in times like the Attitude Era, a Six Man Tag belt would’ve given stables like DOA, lowcard members of The Corporation, The Oddities and Los Boricuas more relevancy and reason to feature them more on TV. In this time, I could only see the Miztourage, New Day or Sanity hold the Six Man belt if you’d ask me.

WWE vs NXT Special/NXT TakeOver: Reunion

An NXT TakeOver is always a good show, but it doesn’t explore new ideas/themes that much. It’s mostly named to the place they’re going to (Like Brooklyn, London and Chicago) and apart from a specialty match, that’s it. That’s fine and all, but a TakeOver including main roster stars (Especially callups, hence why the Reunion part) could mean more eyes to the NXT stars and the NXT brand by people that are used to only watching their favourites from Raw/SD. Have a main roster superstar/tag team/woman challenge for an NXT belt to put the champion over or have a promising NXT star challenge for the IC, US or Cruiserweight belt or face an established star to show how such superstar performs in a big match situation. This could put the NXT brand over to people who haven’t given it much of a chance. Maybe include the finals of the first suggestion in as well.

So this is my list of probably untried ideas the WWE should try to do. Do you guys have any other suggestions? Leave so in the comments down below.

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