On the most recent edition of WWE Raw, former Smackdown tag team champion Jason Jordan was a guest on Miz TV.

He ended the segment standing tall after suplexing The Miz into his ‘Miztourage’. Prior to that, the Intercontinental champion belittled Jordan and his father, Kurt Angle.

It would appear that coming out of this segment, the direction moving forward is for the former American Alpha star to face The Miz for the IC Title at Summerslam. That assumption correlates with what recent rumours would indicate about the Intercontinental title scene.

Now while this is by no means a terrible option, it feels rushed.

Raw was building a nice story with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins potentially challenging Miz for the title, but those plans appear to have been abandoned.

The new direction seems to be a bit of a hotshot on WWE’s behalf, after Jordan was revealed as Angle’s son a few weeks ago.

While a very talented in-ring performer with what looks to be an enormous upside, Jordan is probably not ready to be challenging for singles gold on a major pay-per-view event. His character is not ironed out yet and he seems a level below The Miz in terms of star power.

Credit where credit is due, WWE seems to be all in on this Angle-Jordan storyline. But this seems a step too far, too soon.

Are you excited for this match? Is Jason Jordan ready for a title shot this early in his singles career?

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