Enzo Amore may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there is no doubting his charisma and connection with the WWE Universe.

The notion of Amore not been everybody’s cup of tea has however become apparent recently after he was reportedly kicked off the bus during a tour.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer noted that while details surrounding the incident are scarce, it resulted in Enzo being kicked off the bus by Roman Reigns. It is said that he then received the ‘Miz treatment’ and was not allowed back in the locker room.

Amore is reportedly disgruntled over the decision to split up himself and former tag partner Big Cass. Apparently, Amore went as far to say that “his real life is better than his fantasy life”. He is a known party-lover and can be often found posting Instagram or Snapchats of his nights out with celebrities such as The Weeknd.

During the most recent episode of WWE’s ‘Bring it to the Table’ with Corey Graves, Peter Rosenberg and JBL, the former WWE Champion commented on the history of these sorts of incidents. He also delved into the reported situation on tour and says that Amore will have a tough time winning back the respect of the locker room.

Now here’s what’s bad about it. Most of those guys – except for Miz, Miz is the only one – never made it.

Now here’s what’s bad about it. Most of those Once the locker turned against these guys – they were sprayed with human repellent or whatever – they never made it. So the odds are completely against Enzo. Now I think he’s very talented, I’ve had a good working relationship with him but apparently there’s a lot of problems with him and the rest of the world.

For fans of Amore, these are not the best things to be hearing on a WWE-produced show. While he is very talented, if the rest of the locker room are not on your side it could effect his career moving forward. WWE has always been a company built on respect, going back to the ‘Wrestlers Court’ days that JBL mentioned on Bring it to the Table.

Are you a fan of Enzo Amore? Did WWE split up his tag team with Big Cass too soon?

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