Cleveland Ohio played host to 205 Live this week which saw Akira Tozawa & Ariya Daivari battle it out for the chance to face Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship at Summerslam. Also Gentleman Jack Gallagher finally got his hands on The Brian Kendrick and Cruiserweight Classic Finalist Gran Metalik was in action against The Premier Athlete Tony Nese.

The opening contest is the huge match of The Brian Kendrick vs Gentleman Jack Gallagher; however the match can barely get properly underway before Gallagher, who came out very aggressive, gets the match thrown out by refusing to stop beating Kendrick. Gallagher continued to beat Kendrick until the man with the plan made his escape. While the match was underwhelming, the story continues and a good mid-card feud progresses.

Mustafa Ali & Rich Swann are backstage playing WWE 2K18 (as Owens & Styles) before TJP comes in and brags about his win last week. Swann challenges him to a match next week, before they go to play a game of 2K18. Hopefully WWE has big plans for Mustafa Ali other than playing video games backstage, especially after his great feud and match with Drew Gulak, they need to pounce on his momentum.

Tony Nese defeated Gran Metalik in an impressive match. Before the match Nese gave another promo, as well as essentially a promo to the camera during his entrance talking about his amazing physique, he can really play that up well and make something out of that, those promos during his entrance are great. Gran Metalik has been perhaps the most disappointing Cruiserweight coming out of the Cruiserweight Classic; the finalist and runner-up, he really has not been featured at all on 205 Live, he is incredible in the ring however.

Akira Tozawa once again becomes the Number One Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship with a win over Ariya Daivari, and is set to face Neville at Summerslam. Pre-match Daivari gave another promo about his Iranian culture. Daivari dominated the majority of the match targeting the shoulder and the two did a good job selling that injury, with Daivari even trying to win via count-out which was a great heel move. Tozawa was able to make a quick but intense comeback to get the win. Interesting where this loss will put Daivari, hoping this isn’t the start of his very much new push. Neville and Tozawa still have plenty to give together and will be a great representation of the Cruiserweights at The Biggest Party of the Summer.


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