As many of you know by now, rumours are circling that the charismatic Enzo Amore may be in some hot water backstage.

These rumours were further ignited when JBL and Corey Graves spoke about the rumoured incident in depth on the latest edition of ‘Bring It To The Table’.

The incident in question is that Amore was supposedly kicked off the bus on a recent WWE tour. Roman Reigns is said to be the one who kicked him off after he made comments about the business that the rest of the wrestlers did not appreciate.

Well now, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting than further action may be taken on the Certified G.

Meltzer is reporting that Enzo Amore may be moved from Monday Night Raw due to these backstage issues. A potential new home for him would be the Cruiserweight division, which means he is still essentially on Raw but potentially segregated from the rest of the locker room.

Another suggestion from Meltzer, which is going to sound bizzare, is that he moves back down to NXT as a touch of star power for that brand. It does sound strange to move someone back down to NXT despite being so popular with the audience. Amore garners good quarterly-hour ratings on Raw, so taking him off TV may not be the wisest decision.

For rumours like this to be making the rounds at a time where Amore is being beaten down by Big Cass every week on Raw are a bit concerning. Pair that with the fact that he has little-to-no direction now on Raw, and times are looking tough for The Realest Guy In The Room.

Can Enzo recover from these rumoured incidents? Could you see a move to the Cruiserweight division in his future?

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