At Feburary 2016, the WWE Network uploaded a new section to it’s service called Collections. On there were matches, shows and segments cut up and put in a category (Anything relevant to Austin vs McMahon goes tot the Austin vs McMahon collection and anything relevant to Cruiserweights goes into the Cruiserweight Anthology). This is a more recent way of watching the best of WWE/WCW/ECW without skimming through full shows and also features never-before-seen content at some occasions.

For this month, two collections (And the Classic Content update) will appear on the Network by August 7th.

For the first collection we go to the Kurt Angle: It’s True, It’s True collection. This collection showcases the best matches and moments from Angle’s career such as his title wins, matches with wrestlers like Eddie Guerrero, Shane McMahon and others including his debut. Down below is the contents of said collection.

Survivor Series 1999 – Greatness Arrives (Vs Shawn Stasiak)

SmackDown 02/08/2000 – American Hero gets European Gold (Vs Val Venis)

No Way Out 2000 – The Euro-Continental Champion (Vs Chris Jericho)

King of the Ring 2000 – King Kurt (Vs Rikishi)

Raw 07/10/2000 – A Gift for The Undertaker

No Mercy 2000 – Champion of the People (Vs The Rock)

Royal Rumble 2001 – Rumbling with The Game (Rumble Match)

Raw 05/21/2001 – Reliving a Moment of Glory

King of the Ring 2001 – Shattering Expectations (Vs Shane McMahon)

SmackDown 07/12/2001 – Olympic Sing-a-Long

Raw 08/20/2001 – Got Milk?

Unforgiven 2001 – Triumph Over The Rattlesnake (Vs Stone Cold)

SmackDown 05/23/2002 – Hide Nor Hair

SmackDown 05/30/2002 – Nowhere to Run (Vs Edge)

SmackDown 06/27/2002 – A Challenge Ruthlessly Answered (Vs John Cena)

Armageddon 2002 – Overcoming Giant Odds (Vs Big Show)

SmackDown 12/26/2002 – The World’s Greatest Allies

WrestleMania XIX – Unleashing a Beast (Vs Brock Lesnar)

SmackDown 10/09/2003 – Far From 8 Mile (Vs John Cena, Battle Rap)

WrestleMania XX – A Champion’s Integrity (Vs Eddie Guerrero)

SmackDown 02/10/2005 – In the Land of the Rising Sun (Vs Rey Mysterio)

SmackDown 03/24/2005 – Just a Sexy Kurt

Raw 06/13/2005 – Back on RAW

Raw 06/27/2005 – A Natural Confrontation (Vs Ric Flair)

Raw 08/22/2005 – Gold Medalist vs Gold Standard (Vs Shelton Benjamin)

Raw 11/07/2005 – An Unappreciated Hero

ECW One Night Stand 2006 – The Wrestling Machine (Vs Randy Orton)

WWE Hall of Fame 2017 – A Hero Comes Home


The second collection is Hidden Gems part 3. This collection is the second expansion to Hidden Gems and features never-before-seen matches and segments such as Cesaro vs Rollins from an unaired FCW taping from Full Sail, The Rock vs Triple H vs Brock Lesnar from Global Warming, Jon Moxley and Brad Taylor vs MNM from Velocity and more. Down below is the full listing

The Youth of a Nation (Segment with Bob Backlund and two youngsters)

A Diaper for Cornette (Stagger Lee and Cowboy Bill Watts vs The Midnight Express)

Blood and Guts (Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Terry Gordy)

Cowboy Justice (Bill Watts vs Sting)

A Texas-Sized Confrontation (Bruiser Brody vs Abdullah the Butcher)

The Best of Both Worlds (The British Bulldogs vs The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express)

Controversy in a cage (Dusty Rhodes vs The Big Steel Man)

Of Monsters and Icons (Bruiser Mastino (Kane) vs Sting)

The Bad Guy in ECW (Scott Hall vs Justin Credible)

The Destroyer and a Fallen Angel (Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels)

A Battle from Down Under (The Rock vs Brock Lesnar vs Triple H)

Helllooo Punk! (CM Punk vs Val Venis)

On the Fringe (Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) and Brad Taylor vs MNM)

Who is Better? (Cesaro vs Seth Rollins)

The Young and the Hungry (Segment with Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Ryback)


The third collection is the monthly Classic Content update, it will include a couple of episodes from WCCW, Old School cards from the 80’s and the last year of WWE ECW.

What will you guys be watching in this collection drop? Comment down below.

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