Is there a more tried and true gimmick in wrestling than this? While it hasn’t been quite as prevalent in the more recent years, it’s certainly right back on the track and full steam ahead now with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers. *Shakes cane* Back in my day that’s all there were, dozens of evil villains who hated America, and even turncoats like heel Sgt. Slaughter. At the same time though, you have The Real American Hulk Hogan (or Mr. America) to battle all of the evil-doers.  The return, in a big way, of this with Jinder Mahal is just a retread of every version of this that we have seen before. Although I’m sure that it is edited in India in such a way that makes Jinder seem like a hero, just like they did with Khali.

We’ve seen this most recently with Rusev, who is much better than Jinder Mahal, and he couldn’t get over the John Cena hump. John Cena, THE American Hero, who is always there to knock down evil ones who try to steal the WWE throne. It seemed like for a while like the role of WWE bad guys were filled by the more traditional type of character, Edge, CM Punk, Triple H, Big Show, Mark Henry, etc. There wasn’t a big run on the ethnic characters that had to garner the cheap heat. A lot of that is probably thanks to 9/11 and then the backlash of the Muhammad Hussan gimmick.

It was something that worked in the 1980s, but it is a very worn out way to get heat. Get heat by being better than everyone else, by beating the good guys and rubbing it in their faces. WWE please stop using the old fashioned gimmicks of berating the country just to make people hate a wrestler and want them to get beat. In the last few years, the “heels” have been getting cheered because of the talent level they have, maybe that it what the WWE doesn’t want, but it is what is best for business!

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