Did You Even See That Cueto Cup??

I mainly watch WWE, but catch up on highlights of other things, some Ring of Honor, some NJPW. Lately though, I’ve been all over that Lucha Underground!
Sporadically watching it throughout the first season, I picked up watching steadily during the second season. With Rey Mysterio, Johnny Mundo, and many other amazing talents it has become must watch for me. Although now, with The Cueto Cup, its added one thing that I am a sucker for, a tournament! They did do the Trios Tournament, which I enjoyed, this huge single elimination tournament for best of Lucha Underground… YES! Let’s take a quick look at what has happened so far in The Cueto Cup Tournament.

Round One:

The Mack defeated Mala Suerte, Pentagon Dark defeated Argenis , Texano defeated Famous B , Drago defeated Aerostar , Cage defeated Vinnie Massaro, Marty The Moth defeated Saltador, Pindar defeated Mascarita Sagrada , Fenix defeated Mariposa, Mil Muertes defeated Veneno, Paul London defeated Vibora, Taya defeated Joey Ryan , Jeremiah Crane defeated Killshot , PJ Black defeated Sexy Star , Son of Havoc defeated Son of Madness , Prince Puma defeated Ricky Mandel ,Dante Fox defeated El Dragon Azteca

Round Two:

Jeremiah Crane defeated Taya, Mil Muertes defeated Paul London , Fenix defeated Marty The Moth, Texano defeated The Mack, Pentagon Dark defeated Drago, Pindar defeated Cage, Dante Fox defeated Son of Havoc, Prince Puma defeated PJ Black

Round Three

Fenix defeated Pindar, Prince Puma defeated Dante Fox
Looking forward to the next matches in the tournament, it looks like we will see some very exciting matchups in the coming rounds. I will save predictions for later. I know I am very excited to see where the next rounds lead, how it will end, and who will be The Cueto Cup Champion!

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