For a while, Rey Mysterio’s status after Lucha Underground is up in the air after his contract expires after Season 3 stops airing. The world famous luchador from California who worked and won championships in promotions such as AAA, WCW, WWE, WWC and DDT (Amongst others) has an unsure future.

Last month, Sports Illustrated’s Justin Bassaro reported that both GFW and WWE are looking to negotiate a contract for Rey Mysterio 90 days after season 3 stops airing in September (As stated in Lucha Underground contracts. That means he would be allowed to wrestle in January 2018). WWE, at the time of that report, may have had the upper hand because of the Performance Centre where his son, Dominic, could train in the future while a resigning by Lucha Underground wasn’t out of the question either and GFW’s motivation for signing Mysterio is to “move away from Alberto El Patron and generate some positive headlines”.

As an update to that story, Sports Illustrated reported that there is no chance in the near future for Mysterio to go to the WWE. The reason is because of heat between Vince McMahon and Konnan, the latter who is associated with Mysterio. The heat began decades ago when WWE invested thousands of dollars of investing in the Max Moon gimmick (Which Konnan used in the WWF) before he chose to continue wrestling in Mexico, where he constantly headlined events. Chris Jericho tried to mend the issues by welcoming Konnan backstage recently, but that did nothing to help the problem.

The most likely outcome is GFW, where he could be used as a fresh face/next World Champion after the controversy Alberto El Patron has encountered the previous year. One reason for Mysterio to join GFW as well is to continue indy appearances where he can choose the dates himself.

What do you think? Are you unhappy about Rey not joining WWE or are you actually excited to see Rey in a GFW ring? Leave your comments down below.

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