WWE has a bad track record of misusing and wasting talent. Sometimes, they make things better, but too often, the wrestler ends up leaving for greener pastures. Afterwards, people like us wonder what WWE was thinking and why they didn’t fix the problem and repackage the wrestler or let them be themselves. So who are they currently misusing the most?

The stars they’re misusing the most can fit in one category, so this isn’t a countdown. Because they’re misusing the entire Cruiserweight Division. Yeah, I said it. Since the cruiserweight division has been back, they’ve treated it like a sideshow attraction, as was the Cruiserweight Classic. Tajiri came back and I had no clue until afterwards! I don’t watch 205 Live. Why? Because they don’t set it up properly, or rather, at all. What is the point of having 205 Live if they don’t use even one quality storyline to draw real interest to the show? I don’t care who the girl chooses, and I have already seen “bad guy champion keeps nearly losing” only about 100 times. RAW is THREE HOURS LONG, so why is there usually only one cruiserweight match? Whose bloody idiotic idea was that? And why does it come on after SD if it’s a RAW show?

I do like that they apparently decided to stop doing the stupid purple ropes, but in a way, that has taken one more thing away that made the division unique. When I watch the cruiserweights, the matches look basically the same. Where did the high flying go? What happened to the fast-paced technical wrestling? I can barely tell a difference between a heavyweight match and a cruiserweight match apart from a few moves.

So what can be done to fix these problems? I say let the cruiserweights go to SD Live and make SD Live a 3 hour show to compensate for the additional talent. Maybe let the division get the third hour to themselves, minus the purple ropes of course. Problem solved. Well, partially. They’re still not giving them good storylines or letting them be the high-flyers they can be. That needs to be fixed, by essentially doing the opposite of what they are now. The division isn’t being killed or anything drastic, but there do need to be some changes.

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